TERA Online first impressions

TERA Online first impressions TERA Online first impressions

Conventions and luggage

Conventions and luggage Conventions and luggage

The OSoM Podcast, episode 1

The OSoM Podcast, episode 1 The OSoM Podcast, episode 1

PVs for three new albums releasing November 23

PVs for three new albums releasing November 23 PVs for three new albums releasing November 23

Perfume’s 11th single PV, “Spice”

Perfume’s 11th single PV, “Spice” Perfume's 11th single PV, "Spice"

Back to work!

After a brief hiatus, I’m resuming my work on the OSoM blog, with several new ideas planned, including YouTube vlogging, audio podcasts, and more! In addition, I registered OSoMblog.com to make everything nice and official.


Hope you ready for the next episode

I’ll try to update regularly, at least a few times a week with new content. Please “like” the Facebook page and follow me on Twitter via the links at the top of the page, the blog is also set to automatically post to those.

TERA Online first impressions

Yes, that's my character. Deal with it.

(This first-impressions review is about the starting area.)

I created my character, Neko.Miko.Reimu on the Jagged Coast server at the suggestion of my friend, who had TERA since launch. I spent a decent amount of time on character creation, and although it’s not as thorough as PSO2′s customizations, it has enough flexibility to greatly decrease the chances of looking identical to another player.

You start off in a tutorial mission, where your character is level 20, with the full skillset of your selected class. It’s not a bad way to get started, since it covers all game mechanics starting from movement and ending on an epic battle with a BAM (“Big-Ass Monster”, literally).

After the tutorial mission you start the game for real at level 1, and lacking most of the spells and skills you got to mess around with in the tutorial. Although very limited at first, leveling and spell progression is fairly rapid, so you fill out the spell list quickly. There were always 2-3 quests to do at a time, and it naturally leads you around the entire area. Many of these were kill quests, but the quantities weren’t so much that it got tedious, nor too few that I couldn’t practice my new spells and skills.

Area chat, what can I say about it? As one person put it, “Barrens chat was pretty bad, but it’s everywhere here.” It’s about 5-10% actual content, with the rest being memes and insults. Every so often there’s an entertaining conversation, but usually it’s a few tryhards attempting to troll each other. My friend hides this chat, as I bet many would.

In the end, I completed the starting area in 4 hours and reached level 11 in the process. Pretty good pace, much faster than WoW (unless they altered it since I stopped playing a few years back).

Playing a Mystic is pretty fun. It’s supposed to be a balance between support and offense, so I have a variety of healing and damage spells. They’re probably not as strong as their counterparts in the Sorcerer and Priest classes, but they still work very well for me. I have yet to die to a mob, and the worst I had so far was getting knocked down to a third of my health when fighting the instance boss of the starting area. The AI party member that is provided ended up dying about halfway through the battle, but my summoned guardian spirit tanked the boss until I took it down.

I’ve put about 6 hours into the game so far, and I’m currently at level 14. Definitely looking forward to putting in several more hours.

What were your first impressions about TERA? Positive? Negative?

PS – If you’re on the Jagged Coast server, please add me as a friend!

Amazon megasale, Tera 50% off!

This coming and next Saturday, TERA will be on sale at Amazon.com for 50% off. This includes the Collector’s Edition, which I now plan to buy.

Other than the games shown above, there are dozens more for sale at various dates. Some are even Steam games, in which case Amazon will send you an activation code to use in Steam. All the specifics can be read in their official thread at Cheap Ass Gamer.

I’m planning to main an Elin Mystic. Any race/class combinations you know of that are abnormally strong?


Something's not right here...

Seeing how everyone and their mom is talking about D3, I figured I should talk briefly about it.

I won’t claim to have had an “I told you so” moment, but all the hype behind D3 never really caught on to me. I’m not entirely surprised that all the issues with the game are happening, especially considering it’s 100% online DRM. Having the game rely on a “heartbeat” ping from the authentication server for play is exactly what the problem was with BF3.

If you are friends with me on Facebook, you may have noticed my rant on the fail that my attempt at playing BF3 was. I’d be in a game for less than five minutes, when I’d get kicked out with the message “lost connection with EA server”. Why they decided it would be a good idea to disconnect a player for temporarily losing connection with a DRM server which does absolutely nothing for game experience is beyond me.

Removing all offline play modes, including single-player and LAN play may help protect your code from hackers, but in all honesty, if people want to find a way, they probably will. I don’t see that there was anything really wrong with the “old” method of D2 where your Battle.net account would get shut down if any hacks or cheats were detected.

In the end, since I haven’t put any first-hand time on the game, I could be off the mark. But from what I’ve heard from my friends so far, I don’t believe I’m very far off. Of course, there’s the obligatory “reviewers are being paid off” mention, but that’s an entire world of controversy I’d rather not touch on right now.

That’s all I’m gonna say about this game. Once I get the chance to play it and form my own opinions, I may make another post. gg

Recently a friend’s been pressuring me to play Tera Online with him. What are your thoughts on that? Any suggestions for an alternative to D3 (fantasy MMO type)?

Conventions and luggage

Photo by PracticalHacks @ Flickr

Having gone to two major out-of-state conventions in the past two months (Sakuracon in Seattle and ACen in Chicago), I realized that my luggage packing, especially in regards to conventions, is very inefficient. I took all my DJ gear, camera gear and cosplay with me to both conventions, and it required me to fill up a backpack, a carry-on bag, and a large suitcase. Although I am driving to Fanime in two weeks, where luggage is not as much of an issue, I am planning to fly to QC Animezing in Iowa the following weekend. The airline I will likely end up on is United, which requires a stopover and a checked baggage fees.

In the interest of reducing stress for the stopover and making travel easier, I’m setting a goal for myself for traveling to Fanime as practice for Animezing: fit all clothes, necessary DJ equipment, and cosplays and related supplies into one backpack and one carry-on bag. A side requirement is that all items must comply with airline carry-on restrictions.

This is a very lofty goal, as it is asking me to reduce the size of my packed luggage by about half, but I am completely aware that I over-pack for trips, and often do so intentionally with the purpose of “being prepared.” There are several articles online explaining how to travel light, and many of the tips revolve around leaving behind what is not absolutely necessary, or taking lighter, smaller versions of what you already pack. I’ll try to use these and other tips, and perhaps Fanime and Animezing will be the lightest loads I’ve ever taken to a convention. Wish me luck!

PS – Do you have your own tips for packing light for a convention? Please let me know in the comments, Twitter, Facebook, etc., as well as any feedback you may have.

Game OST Nostalgia: Valkyrie Profile

If you ask the average video game player to name a game composer, I bet the most likely answer you’re gonna get is Nobuo Uematsu (lead composer for most of the Final Fantasy series), and if you’re lucky, Koji Kondo (lead composer for most of the Mario and Zelda series). Nearly all of them will probably be unable to name more than one or two others. Many video game composers are among the unsung heroes of the industry, and as a music fan, they have my utmost respect.


Today’s Game OST Nostalgia post is another RPG from the PlayStation 1: Valkyirie Profile, published when Square and Enix were still separate companies. The soundtrack was composed by Motoi Sakuraba, who in recent years has written music for many Tales and Star Ocean series games, including Tales of Xillia, released this Fall. He has a very unique sound, and as much as Uematsu’s work helped define Square’s musical style, Sakuraba’s did for Enix.


Motoi Sakuraba – Fighting the Shadowy Gods


Motoi Sakuraba – Requiem to a Predicament

The OSoM Podcast, episode 1

For your listening pleasure is the very first episode of the “Otaku State of Mind Podcast” (“OSoM Podcast” for short). This episode is fairly short (less than four minutes), but I hope to have longer episodes as I develop content.


In this episode:

  • A brief self-introduction
  • What is an “otaku state of mind”?


If you have any topics you’d like me to talk about or questions you’d like me to answer, please leave them in the comments or write me at osomblog@gmail.com.

Game OST Nostalgia: Lunar Silver Star Story

Earlier this week on Facebook I started on a nostalgia journey through game OSTs after seeing a Parappa the Rapper while cruising YouTube. Instead of just posting a key song from the game, I’ll also include a short write-up.


The first one I’m sharing on OSoM is from Lunar Silver Star Story, known as “Luna’s Boat Song”, which was originally titled “Wind’s Nocturne” in the Japanese version. It’s a pretty famous track as far as game OSTs go, having a recent burst in popularity after being pitched up and used in a Flash animation called “Shii’s Song”.


The soundtrack was composed by Noriyuki Iwadare, and the English version was sung by Jennifer Stigile, Japanese by Kyoko Hikami. The way they’re sung is different in each language, pretty much making each version unique. When Working Designs was localizing this game, they didn’t have much budget, so they relied heavily on friends and family of staff as well as local talent. Without further ado, here are both versions for your listening pleasure:


“Luna’s Boat Song” sung by Jennifer Stigile


“Kaze no NOCTURNE” sung by Kyoko Hikami

Short promo for Nisemonogatari ending theme “Naisho no Kata” streamed

Over the weekend a short promo was released to advertise the ending theme of the upcoming Bakamonogatari sequel Nisemonogatari. It’s titled “Naisho no Kata”, using the same kanji as the final character in Nisemonogatari. Written by supercell and performed by ClariS, the few seconds of singing we get to hear sound very upbeat, definitely looking forward to this release (and not to mention the anime).